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Diversified Ceramic Design Concepts Based on Formal Reconstruction

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2019.006


Rui Gui

Corresponding Author

Rui Gui


Due to the technological development and information revolution in the 21st century, the modern ceramic design concept presents a diversified and comprehensive trend. The application of form reconstruction elements in ceramic design is the subject of exploration and innovation in modern ceramic design. Along with the great changes in people's artistic values and aesthetics, ceramic design artists have deepened their understanding of tradition and constantly developed new art forms that conform to the aesthetic taste of modern people. At the same time, it constantly explores and reconstructs the essence of ceramic design art from a new perspective. In a world that emphasizes multiculturalism, designers will continue to face many new design concepts, and “form reconstruction” is such a new design trend. Therefore, based on the theory of formal reconstruction, this study analyses the thinking and methods of “form reconstruction” in ceramic design. At the same time, this study also analyses the influence of “form reconstruction” on the diversified design concept of ceramic designers, and the analysis of formal reconstruction in ceramic multi-design. This research elaborates on the individualized design of humanized, interesting and emotional new creations, hoping to bring new ideas to the innovative thinking of the ceramic design of the designer.


The reconstruction of form; Diversified form; Ceramic design concepts