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Countermeasures on the Further Avocation of Shaanxi Commercial Logistics Center of Belt and Road

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2019.004


Weixia Yang

Corresponding Author

Weixia Yang


With the Advancement of the Belt and Road strategy, 18 provinces along the route, as important nodes, have drawn up plans for the construction of the Silk Road Trade and Logistics Center. However, they are facing certain difficulties and challenges in the process of developing in depth. Therefore, how to actively explore the path of further advancement is an urgent task for the governments along the route. Taking Shaanxi, the core area of the Silk Road economic belt as an example, arounding the development of Hub Economy, Portal Economy and Mobile Economy, this paper combed out the effective integration of location environment, policy strategy and energy resources in Shaanxi, and focused on the construction of the "Belt and Road" transportation and trade logistics center, which achieved remarkable results. This paper analyzes the gap between the current development situation and the strategic requirements of the Belt and Road, and puts forward some strategies for further development from several aspects, so as to provide some lessons for other provinces along the route. It has important reference value to enhance their ability to undertake business logistics industry.


Belt and Road; Transport and Trade Logistics Centre; Further Advance; Countermeasure; Logistics contribution rate