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Design of wireless monitoring system for grassland ecological environment based on Wireless Sensor Network

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.076


Bo Chang, Xinrong Zhang

Corresponding Author

Bo Chang


Traditional grassland ecological monitoring data are based on manual field acquisition. Its disadvantage is that it cannot achieve continuous automatic collection, which wastes manpower and material resources, has poor real-time performance, and cannot effectively monitor grassland ecology. In view of this situation, WSN technology is introduced into the development of grassland ecological monitoring system by making use of the characteristics of ZigBee network, such as convenience, scalability and low cost. The sensor nodes are designed with CC2530 as the core control and communication device. The communication between nodes follows the ZigBee protocol, and the collected data of temperature, humidity and wind speed are processed and transmitted by multi-hop routing. It is sent to the monitoring center to accurately and timely reflect the current situation of grassland ecosystem and its evolution and change law through the management and quantitative analysis of the field data monitored. It provides important theoretical basis and technical support for the protection of grassland ecosystem. The monitoring center adopts the embedded database management mode to realize the functions of terminal node, data management and early warning, and realizes the functions of data collation, analysis, display and printing of various curves and reports. Experiments show that the system runs stably and has high data transmission accuracy. It can effectively detect the parameters of grassland ecological environment, improve the security and real-time of information transmission, and is suitable for popularization and application.


wireless sensor network (WSN); grassland ecological environment; ZigBee; monitoring