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A Study on the Public Space Landscape of Villages and Towns under the Construction of New Countryside — A Case Study of Chadian Town in Longquanyi District

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.151


Ding Fan

Corresponding Author

Ding Fan


With the overall development of urban and rural areas, the spatial pattern and material structure of traditional villages are becoming more and more difficult to conform to the development situation under the new rural times. The settlement pattern of rural areas has become the focus of new rural construction, which is beneficial to meet the needs of multi-direction development of villages. The combination of village development and rural tourism development, so as to develop the rural natural agricultural landscape and historical & cultural landscape and also to protect folk culture and ecological environment, then more economic value and social benefits will be created. The rural public space under the new rural construction not only provides the place for the life and production activity, but also provides the necessary carrying space for the rural tourism activities. This paper takes Chadian Town in Longquanyi District as an example to discuss the distribution characteristics and current situation of public space distribution in rural tourism, and then analyzes the public space landscape with the characteristics of humanistic natural landscape.


New countryside; Village; Public space; Landscape