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Study on the Development of Patchwork Fabrics

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.150


Ying Yan

Corresponding Author

Ying Yan


The fabric is the basic carrier of the art of prosthetic art, whether it is the beginning of the fabric of the old corners of the fabric, or after the industrial production of printed fabrics, or hand-printed fabric, the use of fabric is the soul of the work of the patchwork The In this paper, the origin and development of the art of quilts as a clue to the manual printing and dyeing fabric innovation as the main perspective, to explore the new fabric art of different artistic characteristics and visual experience. Through the study of hand-dyed in the quilting works of different means of presentation; ready-made fabrics and hand-printed fabrics in the use of patchwork and contrast; and manual printing and dyeing fabric human characteristics, aesthetic characteristics; explore fabrics and dyes, With the stitch and a variety of fiber materials in the patchwork in the performance of the expansion, and carried out based on innovative hand-printed fabric as the main experimental Patchwork research.


Patchwork Fabrics; Development; Fabric Technology