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Study on Geological Characteristics and Metallogenic Model in the West of Junggar

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.149


Zhongze Du, Zhonghong Du, Xiao Shao

Corresponding Author

Zhongze Du


The western Junggar area is the main gold producing area in northern Xinjiang. Therefore, it is possible to explore the prospecting mechanism of the geological ore in the west Junggar area by exploring the geological mineralization mechanism of the west Junggar area, looking for the source of ore-forming fluid and the mechanism of fluid evolution effect. Among them, the geological mine controlled by the Dalabute fault, 30 km west of the area has a large Hata geological field. There are many studies on the geology and geochemistry of the former, but the source of the ore-forming fluid and the evolution characteristics of the quartz vein type geological ore in the shallow water are controversial, and for the geological ore, The orefields have the same strata, and the mining is earlier, but the study of its geological characteristics is less, and the research of ore-forming fluids is not enough.


Geological Characteristics; Metallogenic Model; Zhungeer; Control Charts; Process Capability