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Printing Technology Essentials of Several Special Printing Inks

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.146


Zhang Shuyan

Corresponding Author

Zhang Shuyan


Papermaking technology, compass, gunpowder and movable-type printing, which are called the four ancient Chinese inventions, have been widely known among the national people even by the little pupils in primary school. However, as time changes and technology develops, the four great inventions have been evolved during the long history and are now totally new and different. The four great inventions have one common point – they do not exist solely. Messy materials have been mixed together to play an important role in becoming the great inventions. Without all these materials, they are not inventions which provide convenience to people, but a pack of rubbish. For movable-type printing, the imprinted board plays a crucial role. Ink, however, makes the board much more useful working together. Without ink, the board won't be listed in the four great inventions at all. Ink has been one of the commonly used materials since the movable-type printing was created. Though the modern time is very much different from what it was like in the past, ink has always been an indispensable part in printing industry. Without ink, printing won't be possible. In the modern market, ink is still one of the most important elements in printing industry. It is a fatal product in printing industry because it influences the quality and effect of the printing products. In printing industry, a great part of the products which need to be printed have requirements on quality and design, and ink in the most important part as well as the carrier to meet the requirements of quality and creativity.


Special ink; Printing; Technology essentials