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Research on Luoyang tri-coloured glazed pottery process

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.145


Liu Yuling

Corresponding Author

Liu Yuling


Tri-colored art is the treasure of Chinese history and culture, and it is the masterpiece of Chinese ceramics. Luoyang Tri-colored art fully embodies the potential and advantages of Chinese ceramic culture, which is thousands of generations of Chinese ceramic culture, experience, technology, aesthetic crystallization. This paper starts from studying the Luoyang Tri-colored porcelain process, and exploring the application of decorative patterns in tri-coloreds through the practice of decorative art design. Luoyang Tri-colored art is showing a unique charm of the art form through the integration of modern technology and the characteristics of modern art design creation. Based on the characteristics of Luoyang Tri-colored art, it is demonstrated to be a kind of Manifestation adapting to modern art life, and can create a high grade, high artistic value of Tri-colored art.


Tri-colored Art; Process flow; Manifestation