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Research on Environmental Design of Modern Residential Area

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.144


Shuang Zhang

Corresponding Author

Shuang Zhang


As an important part of the commercial development of residential areas, the living environment has the characteristics of commodities, and has many social, cultural and behavioral attributes and has evolved with the times. Therefore, it is necessary to combine with the development of foreign settlements and planning and design theory, combined with China's specific national conditions, to our reform and opening up more than 20 years of residential development and characteristics of the stages and characteristics of the environment to give a clear and summarized, the use of systems theory, landscape Ecology and related theory of urban planning theory of landscape planning, the objectives and principles of environmental design of residential areas and the characteristics of environmental space are analyzed. Based on this, the patterns and languages of landscape design in modern residential areas in China are constructed.


Environmental Design; Modern Residential Area; Research Status