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Mechanism of Cu’s High Settling Process in Jiaozhou Bay

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.139


Dongfang Yang, Weimin Ma, Zhikang Wang, Xiuzhen Tao, Sixi Zhu

Corresponding Author

Dongfang Yang


Ocean is the sink of various pollutants by means of the settling process. Understanding the mechanism of settling process of pollutants is essential to environmental protection and scientific research. This paper analyzed the high settling regions of Cu in bottom waters in Jiaozhou Bay, and revealed the mechanism the high settling process based on investigation data on Cu during 1982-1985. Results showed that there were five mechanisms for Cu’s high settling processes. These findings were helpful information in decision-making of pollution control and environmental remediation practice.


Cu; Mechanism; Settling; Process; Jiaozhou Bay