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Transport Trend of Cu in waters and the Mechanism in Jiaozhou Bay

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.138


Dongfang Yang, Sixi Zhu, Jianxun Chai, Yunjie Wu, Xiuqin Yang

Corresponding Author

Dongfang Yang


This paper analyzed the horizontal distributions and the trends of Cu contents in surface and bottom waters in Jiaozhou Bay during 1982-1985 in Shandong Province of China, and the mechanism of transport trend in waters were revealed based on this analysis. Results showed that along with the directions of the input sources, the substance contents in surface waters were decreasing, as well as in bottom waters. The substance contents were settling rapidly, and were accumulating in bottom. The directions of the source inputs determined the horizontal distribution trends in both surface and bottom waters, while the substance contents in the source inputs determined the high sedimentation regions of substance contents.


Cu; Mechanism; Transport; Horizontal distribution; Jiaozhou Bay