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A Hybrid Finite Element Model of a Missile Launcher Frame

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.137


Maohua Qu, Yanpeng Dong, Chengqian Su, Xueming Peng, Shaopeng Guo , Chen Yu , Chang Qi

Corresponding Author

Maohua Qu


In the course of war or actual combat, military vehicles and warships are indispensable military forces, whose structural performance are critical for combat performance. For this sake, in the design phase, a large number of numerical simulations are usually needed to guide the optimization design. Generally, the finite element model uses shell element and solid element to obtain more accurate results, but this greatly lengthened the computational cycle, which seriously reduces the design efficiency. In order to solve this problem, a hybrid model for the shipborne launcher frame is proposed in this paper. Its accuracy and efficiency were verified by comparing with the other two kinds of finite element models. The results show that the proposed hybrid model provides a good balance between computational efficiency and accuracy for model and stiffness analyses of truss-like structures such as the launcher frame.


Launcher; hybrid model; joint; shell element; beam element