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Tensile Property Evaluation of Stepped Scarf Joint Repair for Wind Turbine Trailing-Edge Laminate

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.136


Li Hui, Hongwei Shang, Xia Bin

Corresponding Author

Li Hui


A solid model of the trailing-edge laminate with a stepped scarf joint repair is created and calculated by non-linear time-domain analysis method to analyse the structural strength of the entire model and the shear stress of the bondline. Experimental test of samples of the model was carried out to determine the influences of joint type, repair ply number and joint number on the failure load of stepped scarf joint repair. The results showed double-joint repair can be used for the repair of the trailing edge UD; reinforcement ply can be used for strength recovery of damaged trailing-edge UD laminate; the N-joint repair can be reinforced by N-ply reinforcement, and failure load of repair sample is 1.2 to 1.3 times of the original failure load. Through structural analysis and experimental test, samples and model, of which the failure mode is mainly the shear failure of the bondline, all deformed compatibly.


Blade trailing-edge; stepped scarf joint repair; time-domain analysis; experimental test of stepped scarf joint repair;