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A Study on Co-design Tool Efficiency of the Aged and the Underage

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.133



Corresponding Author

Chang Fangyuan


Objective:The co-design workshop that the aged and the underage participants. Based on a co-design workshop, efficiency of co-design tools was evaluated by researchers and participants; and, the workshop has been designed targetedat the smartphone APPs used by the aged and the underage populations.Method: In this paper, 6 co-design tools were selected and 1 group of the elder people aged between 68 and 91 and the other group of young people who are 6-10 years old were selected as research objects. Besides, another group of participants between 20 and 22 years old was also recruited as a contrast group. A workshop system process that has been designed was adopted to perform 3 workshop practices. Result:After efficiency of co-design tools has been evaluated dependent on the workshop, it has been found that it is extremely difficult for both the aged and the young to use some of these tools.Conclusion:Although co-design has the capacity to assist researchers in sharing creativity with aged and young populations and solving design issues, relevant tools should be utilized according to characteristics of participants; besides, they may even need to be upgraded.


Co-design; User Experience; Service Design; The Aged; Children; APP