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Formula Experiment of Vegetable Crops

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.128


Lin Na, Wang Siqi, Kou Jinming, Wu Fengzhi, Pan Kai

Corresponding Author

Pan Kai


Five kinds of tomato cultivation substrates (AT1, AT2, AT3, AT4 and AT5) were designed with rotten cow dung, corn stalk, rice husk and slag as the main raw materials, and the conventional facility soil as the control (CK), through microbial fermentation, the target yield method was applied to different substrates. Comparative experiments were conducted. The purpose of this study was to improve the safe production of greenhouse vegetables, improve the ecological recycling and efficient utilization of agricultural organic wastes, effectively reduce the cost of cultivation media, improve the quality and yield of tomato fruits, and select the best treatment for tomato growth. The results showed that the growth effect of AT2 and AT3 was the best after synthesizing the growth potential, root system, yield and quality of tomato. Applying AT2 and AT3 matrix formula to cultivate tomato can achieve the effect of whole season free dressing.


Organic materials; full nutrient cultivation; matrix formula; tomato