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Characteristics of cultivation and domestication of a sort of SRB isolated from landfill leachate under sulfite condition

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.111


Xiaoye Liu, Yuxiang Chen, Yang Yang, Cheng Wang, Shun Wang, Ruiyu Li, Yue Lin

Corresponding Author

Xiaoye Liu


SO2 is one of the most common pollutants in the country where fossil fuel as the main energy for industrial manufacture. Nowadays biological fume gas SO2 desulfurization would be a most potential way to transform it to element S to realize S resources recycling. The initial step is to produce sulfide from SO2 effectively. In the research a sort of SRB was selected from landfill leachate and results show that almost all the sulfite could be transformed at first 3 days and at least a third of them could be reduced to sulfide in 10 days. The characters would apply a promising basic prerequisite to reduce the gas fume SO2 synergized with landfill leachate by SRB and form element S to realize the S resources recycling finally.


SO2 purification; Sulfite; Desulfurization; SRB; Landfill Leachate