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Causes of the Bryophyte Diseases and Research on Treatment

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.105


ZHU-ShuRui, WEN-CongFa, Mao-KeHong, Chen-QiaoBiao

Corresponding Author



Bryophytes are featured with high temperature resistance and drought, s eugenic bryophytes can form the unique landscapes. Since numerous advantages were discovered, bryophytes have become ornamental plants in gardens, so they are transplanted into greenhouses to cultivate in a large scale. Unfortunately, diseases seriously restrain the development potential of bryophytes as economic crops. For this reason, this paper regards the bryophyte cultivation base as the research sampling region, studies the bryophyte diseases, identifies pathogens, proposes countermeasures on causes of diseases, and provides a reference for cultivating bryophytes.


Diseases; treatment; hydrophytes