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Risk Source Analysis and Key Control Technology Research of Subway Construction Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.095


Shuai Liu, Jing Zhou

Corresponding Author

Shuai Liu


at the present stage, the urbanization process in our country is accelerating and a large number of people are pouring into cities. As an important part of the urban transportation system, subway, with its advantages of convenience and high punctuality rate, can meet people's increasing traffic demand and occupies an important position. According to the basic principle of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method and the basic factors affecting the construction period risk, this paper proposes to use fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method to analyze the construction period risk of the construction project, and to carry out fuzzy grade evaluation on the construction period risk of the project, so as to facilitate the decision makers of the project to take effective measures for the project. This paper proposes a fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method for risk assessment, in which ahp is used to determine the weight of influencing factors. An example is given to verify the practicability of the proposed method. The analysis results basically reflect the actual situation.


Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method: Subway Construction; Risk Source Analysis