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Ultrasonic Testing of Concrete Cracks in Large Diameter Bored Piles Based on Crack Characteristic Database and Analysis of Causes of Cracks

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.092


Ai Jianjie, Wang Ge

Corresponding Author

Ai Jianjie


the cast-in-place pile is deeply buried in the ground, so cracks are difficult to detect. As an important civil engineering material, concrete is very important to control the engineering quality. However, due to the characteristics of concrete itself, damage will inevitably occur. Among all kinds of defects that cause damage to concrete structures, the most common one is cracks. If the construction quality is strictly controlled and some targeted technical measures are taken to reduce the occurrence of cracks, the quality of the project can be well guaranteed. Ultrasonic wave belongs to elastic wave, which is one of mechanical vibration propagation forms. Using the principle of phase inversion of the first wave of the longitudinal wave in the ultrasonic wave, the crack depth of the concrete component can be detected successfully. In this paper, from the concept of concrete cast-in-place pile, combined with the crack characteristic database and ultrasonic detection technology, the concrete cracks and the causes of cracks in large-diameter bored pile are analyzed.


Cast-in-Place Pile; Cracks; Concrete; Ultrasonic Wave