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Self-Rated Quality of Emergency Cardiovascular Care Knowledge and Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Willingness among Medical Staffs:a Questionnaire Sur Vey Study

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.088


Jinmei Xu, Jinyin Huang, Suding Fei, Chunying Wang, Hongdi Zhou

Corresponding Author

Jinyin Huang


Objective: to evaluate the self-rating of mastery of emergency cardiovascular care (ecc) knowledge and the willingness of performing pre-hospital ecc among medical staffs.methods: a total of 739 medical staffs working at 10 medical institutions were evaluated using a questionnaire. This questionnaire evaluated demographics, job characteristics, knowledge about ecc, knowledge about first aid in general, and willingness perform ecc. Results: self-rated score of mastery of ecc knowledge among the 739 subjects was 3.05±0.729/5. it was positively correlated with their mastery degree of first-aid knowledge. Subjects with higher scores were more willing to participate in various pre-hospital emergencies care (p<0.05); 82.7-97.8% subjects showed positive attitudes towards participating in ecc training and popularization. In multivariate analysis, the willingness to take part in pre-hospital ecc was influenced by the nature of the hospital (p=0.019), the department (p=0.002), previous aha bls or acls training (p<0.001), interest (p<0.001), and the self-rated score of ecc knowledge (p=0.01).conclusion: the self-rated score of ecc knowledge was moderate. Medical staffs had higher willingness to participate in pre-hospital ecc, ecc knowledge training, and popularization.


Medical Staff; Emergency Cardiovascular Care Knowledge; Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Willingness