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Research on Subgrade and Pavement Construction Technology of Highway Bridge Transition Section

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.083


Hongyan Yin, Li Tang, Dongxia Liu

Corresponding Author

Hongyan Yin


In the last two decades, with rapid development of infrastructure construction in China, a large number of roads have been constructed. The bridge-subgrade transition section is the position where bridge and subgrade are connected. The structure includes a sudden change of the flexible foundation and the rigid foundation. The disease could be more severe than the ordinary road sections, which could lead to hidden dangers in traffic safety. Therefore, this paper analyzes the influence stress change of pavement structure due to structural change in bridge-subgrade transition section, which has reference significance for the future design and construction.


Bridge-Subgrade Transition Section; Usual Structure Form; Disease; Fem Model