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Application Analysis of Rayleigh Wave Method in Compactness Detection of Railway Subgrade

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.080


Xiaolin Wang, Wei Yin

Corresponding Author

Xiaolin Wang


Survey Technology in the Engineering Field and the Good Results Achieved, It is Necessary to Use Rayleigh Wave Method to Detect the Degree of Compaction of Railway Subgrade, and Compare It with the Conventional Sand Filling Method and Circular Knife Method to Verify Its Feasibility and Reliability. through Studying the Theory and Experiment of Rayleigh Wave, the Paper Discusses the Application of Non-Destructive Detection Technology of Surface Wave in the Detection of Compaction Degree of Railway Subgrade. It is Believed That This Method is Feasible, Reliable in Precision, Non-Destructive and Efficient, and is a Practical Technology Worthy of Wide Popularization and Application.


Rayleigh Wave; Railway Subgrade; Compactness; Detection