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Research Status and Progress of Comprehensive Evaluation of Cancer Clinical Efficacy

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.076


Wang Ziyu, Jiang Yuan, Yuan Shengli

Corresponding Author

Yuan Shengli


with the Continuous Deepening of People's Understanding of Tumors, the Standardized Treatment of Early Diagnosis and Early Treatment, and the Gradual Improvement of Diagnosis and Treatment, the Mortality of Tumors is Gradually Decreasing, and the Survival Time of Patients is Significantly Extended. a Variety of Treatment Methods (Such as Surgery, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Chinese Medicine Treatment, Biological Treatment, Endocrine Treatment, Etc.) Provide Options for the Treatment of Tumors. However, How to Adopt the Most Effective Treatment Strategy and Obtain the Best Treatment Effect Has Become One of the Key Issues in Clinical Research of Tumors. Therefore, It is Particularly Important to Objectively Evaluate the Efficacy of Tumor Treatment. This Study Reviewed the Relevant Literature in Recent Years, Reviewed the Comprehensive Evaluation Application and Development of Various Indicators in the Evaluation System of Tumor Efficacy in Modern Medicine, and Researched the Research Status and Progress of Tumor Efficacy Evaluation System. It is Hoped That This Study Will Have a Certain Degree of Understanding of the Current Status and Trends of Comprehensive Evaluation of Tumor Clinical Course.


Tumor Clinical Efficacy; Comprehensive Curative Effect Evaluation; Research Status and Progress