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Research on the Theoretical System of Athletes' Physical Fitness Training Based on the Characteristics of Competition System

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.070


Li Tao, Changli Liu

Corresponding Author

Li Tao


More and More Countries Have Begun to Invest a Lot of Manpower and Material Resources to Develop Their Own Competitive Sports, Resulting in Increasingly Fierce Competition in the World Sports Arena. Scientific Physical Fitness Training is an Important Training Section to Improve the Body's Athletic Quality, and is an Indispensable Part in Following Athletes' Professional Career. Strong Physical Fitness is Precious to Athletes and is One of the Keys to a Breakthrough. Physical Training Methods and Means Are Highly Targeted, and Athletes' Nutrition and Recovery Are Regarded as Important Components of Physical Training. In the Usual Technical and Tactical Training, Coaches Should Pay Attention to the Standardization of Basic Technical Actions of Football Players. Every Detail in the Training of Athletes Has Become the Key to the Success of the Competition. Physical Fitness Has Become an Increasingly Prominent Issue in the Competition, and the Scientific Training of Contemporary Competitive Sports Has Become More and More Perfect. This Paper Studies the Theoretical System of Physical Training of Athletes Based on the Characteristics of Competition System, in Order to Make Coaches and Athletes Have a Deeper Understanding of Physical Training.


Physical Training; the Characteristics of the Competition System; Theoretical System