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Research on Football Training Method Based on Moving Object Detection

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.065


Meng Yabiao

Corresponding Author

Meng Yabiao


with the Continuous Improvement and Development of China's New Curriculum Education System Reform, College Football as an Important Part of Physical Education Teaching, Its Teaching Quality and Teaching Efficiency Has Been Widely Concerned and Highly Valued by All Walks of Life and People in Recent Years, But Throughout the Current Development of China's Football, It Has Been in a Difficult State. the Combination Training in Football Training Can Improve the Training Quality and Efficiency Fundamentally and Effectively. as the Main Method to Improve the Competitive Ability of Football Players, the Effectiveness of Football Training Will Be Affected by Many Factors, Such as Training Methods, Training Recovery and So on. Therefore, in Order to Improve the Effectiveness of Sports Training and Improve the Competitive Ability of Athletes, It is Necessary to Eliminate the Influencing Factors of Sports Training to the Greatest Extent, and Combine Scientific Sports Training to Achieve the Goal of Sports Training.


Sports Target Detection; Football; Research