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Study on the Influence of Sports on Physiological and Biochemical Indexes

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.051


Chen Changsheng

Corresponding Author

Chen Changsheng


the Purpose of Studying the Significance and Value of Physical Exercise for Physiological and Biochemical Indexes is to Let People More Specifically Understand the Changes of Physical and Biochemical Indexes Brought by Physical Exercise through Experimental Data. the Purpose of This Paper is to Improve the Level of School Physical Education, Realize the Guiding Concept of “Health First, Facing the People, All-Round Development, Lifelong Physical Education”, and Achieve the Goal of “Exercise and Enhance Physical Fitness”. Therefore, for the Purpose of Research, Students' Health Level Can Be Practically Improved. This Can Be Achieved by Literature Data Method, Experimental Method, Genetic Algorithm and Prediction Method. Do High-Intensity Aerobic Exercise (800 Meters, Sit Ups), Compare the Changes of Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Before and after Exercise. the Results Showed That the Blood Glucose and Heart Rate Increased Significantly, Hypotension Decreased, Hypertension Increased, Lung Volume Decreased, and the Decrease and Increase Were Closely Related to the Number of Daily Exercise. Tips: Students Who Exercise Regularly Will Have Better Physique. When They Face High-Intensity Tests, Their Physiological Indexes Will Change Less and Recover Faster. Therefore, Physical Exercise is Very Beneficial to Improve People's Health.


Sports Blood; Glucose; Heart Rate; Blood Pressure