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Research on Functional Recovery of Skeletal Muscle after Exercise Injury Based on Association Rules

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.049


Feng Gao

Corresponding Author

Feng Gao


Skeletal Muscle Contusion and Delayed Injury Are Common Sports Injuries. Improper or Incomplete Recovery and Repeated Injuries Will Seriously Affect the Physiological Function of Skeletal Muscle, Cause the Decline of Human Body's Sports Ability and Even Affect Athletes' Sports Life. Therefore, It is of Practical Significance to Study the Influence of Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Field on the Recovery Process of Sports Injuries. This Paper Proposes a Risk Assessment Method for Sports Injuries Based on Association Rules. the Data Preprocessing Method is Adopted to Process the Statistical Injury Data of High-Level Athletes in Different Competitive Events. Aiming At the Initial Index Set of Sports Injury Risk Assessment, Apriori Association Rule Analysis is Adopted to Realize the Analysis and Mining of Association Indexes That Have Influence on Sports Injury. Taking Football as an Example, This Paper Combines the Skeletal Muscle Injury Information of Some Athletes with the Competition Sports Data, and through Data Collection and Data Preprocessing, It Digs out Various Rules Related to Injuries, Thus Realizing the Application of the System.


Association Rules; Data Mining; Exercise Injury of Skeletal Muscle; Recovery