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Analysis of Drought-Resistant Photosynthesis Characteristics of Different Garden Herbs

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.048


Yanrong Bai

Corresponding Author

Yanrong Bai


with the Acceleration of China's Urbanization Process, Environmental Problems Have Become More and More Serious, Bringing a Series of Problems Such as Shortage of Resources. as an Important Part of Urban Ecological Environment Construction, the Garden Green Space Has Increased Year by Year. Aiming At Plants as One of the Most Important Landscape Elements in Garden Green Space, It Consumes a Large Amount of Municipal Water Every Year. the Current Design Rarely Considers the Coordination of Plant Landscape and Water-Saving. Therefore, When Constructing the Garden Greenland Plant Landscape, How to Maximize the Realization of Water Conservation and Ecological Coexistence under the Premise of Ensuring Its Ornamental Effect is the Key Issue for the Sustainable Development of Garden Green Space. in This Paper, Sedum Spectabile Boreau, Sedum Sarmentosum and Duchesnea Were Used as Materials to Study the Effects of Drought Stress on the External Morphology and Photosynthetic Characteristics of Three Garden Herbaceous Plants by Soil Water Control Method (the Soil Was Not Watered and the Water Was Sprayed At the Right Time).


Herb; Drought Resistance; Photosynthetic Characteristics