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Construction Technology of Waterproof Roadbed Surface in Road and Bridge Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.047


Li Tang, Hongyan Yin

Corresponding Author

Li Tang


with the Continuous Acceleration of Urban and Rural Integration Construction, Road and Bridge Engineering is an Important Part of Municipal Engineering. Its Construction Quality and Construction Efficiency Have Been Highly Concerned by All Walks of Life, But in the Course of Engineering Construction Operations, Due to Various Parties the Influence of Uncontrollable Factors, There is Always a Certain Gap between the Overall Construction Quality of the Project and the Expected Construction Target. Especially for the Waterproof Pavement Construction Work, in Order to Obtain the Expected Construction Benefits, the Construction Unit Needs to Start from the Construction Technology, Aiming At the Waterproof Roadbed. Frequently Asked Questions to Adopt Effective Optimization Strategies to Lay a Solid Foundation for the Realization of Corporate Sustainable Development Goals.


Road and Bridge Engineering; Waterproof Roadbed; Construction Technology; Construction Problem; Optimization Strategy