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Study on Wheat Utilization in the Bronze Age of Sichuan

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.046


Gao Yuanyuan

Corresponding Author

Gao Yuanyuan


Wheat Was Introduced into Southwestern China Quite Late, Until the Shang Dynasty, It Can Be Found in the Archaeological Sites in Sichuan. as Can Be Seen from the Archaeological Evidence, Wheat in Western Sichuan and Eastern Sichuan Played Different Roles in the Agricultural Pattern of the Site. in the Eastern Part of Sichuan, Wheat Has Always Occupied Only a Small Share of All Crops and Did Not Incite the Original Agricultural System; While in Western Sichuan, after the Introduction of Wheat, Local Residents Quickly Accepted This New Crop. as a Consequence, the Original Crop System Was Broken, and the Agricultural Structure of Some Sites Even Turned into Wheat-Based Agriculture. in This Study, We Will Integrate All of the Discovery of Wheat in Sichuan in the Bronze Age, and Combine the Materials Found in the Surrounding Areas to Discuss the Sources of Wheat in Sichuan, and Explore the Translocation Pathways of Wheat in the Region, Try to Analyze the Differences in the Development of Wheat within the Region and the Driven Forces Behind Them.


Sichuan; Wheat; Archaeobotany; Bronze Age; Agriculture