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Research Structure Based on the Characteristics of Salinized Plants in Different Soils in Northeast China

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.045


Gao Zhanwu, Tong Ruqiang, Fan Chunyan, Cui Yanhui, Wang Lihong

Corresponding Author

Wang Lihong


The degree of salinization in the northeastern China is a serious threat to the status of the granary, but changing the disadvantages of the distribution and genesis of saline-alkali land in the Northeast China will be beneficial, and to adopt the simplest method to achieve the best results. Based on the analysis of the characteristics, this paper put forward the planting structure of saline-alkali plants, and believes that, planting plants with strong salt and alkali resistance, as well as planting trees, alkaloids Planting rice and improving saline-alkali land are effective method of biological improvement.


North-east area; Soil; Salt and alkali resistance; Plant tissue structure