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Active Vibration Control of Flexible Beam Based on Intelligent Materials

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.044


Hongbin Yang, Huixia Ding

Corresponding Author

Hongbin Yang


Structural Vibration is a Common Problem in Many Engineering Fields Such as Aerospace, Machinery, Civil Engineering and Environment. Passive Vibration Reduction, Isolation and Elimination Have Been the Main Methods Used by Engineers and Technicians for Many Years. Larger Size, Lower Stiffness and Flexibility Are Important Development Trends of Spacecraft Structures. Flexible Members Also Have Shortcomings, That is, They Are Easy to Produce Elastic Vibration When Moving or Positioning, and Also Produce Residual Vibration At the End of the Movement. the Vibration Caused Has a Great Impact on the Stability of the Movement and Positioning Accuracy. the Proposal, Application and Development of the Concept of Intelligent Material Structure Have Brought New Ideas to the Active Vibration Control Technology and Opened Up New Directions. the Research on Vibration Control of Flexible Structures Has Important Theoretical Significance and Practical Value. in This Paper, the Flexible Beam is Selected as the Research Object, and the Theoretical and Experimental Research on the Active Vibration Control of Piezoelectric Flexible Beam Based on Smart Material is Analyzed.


Structural Vibration; Flexibility; Intelligent Materials; Active Control