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Study on the Trend of Landscape Interaction in Urban Landscape

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.043


Junying Che

Corresponding Author

Junying Che


as an Important Part of Urban Design, Urban Landscape Design Has Received More and More Attention in Recent Years, Which Shows That People Have Put Forward Higher Demands for the Construction of Spiritual Civilization in the Process of Urbanization. with the Rapid Development of Science and Technology and the Emergence of Diversified and Personalized Needs, People Have Put Forward Higher and Newer Requirements for Urban Landscape Image Design. Urban Landscape Design Has Always Been Closely Linked with Art, and They Interact with Each Other. as a Place for People's Daily Leisure and Entertainment, Urban Landscape Has a Certain Degree of Attention in Terms of Function and Effect. Therefore, People Are Not Only Satisfied with the Needs of Landscape Function for Urban Landscape, But Also Want to Join the Humanized Way to Interact with the Landscape. This Paper Takes the Landscape Experience Design as the Main Entry Point, Summarizes the Design Techniques and Concepts of Experience Design in Urban Landscape, and Analyzes the Design Points, Principles and Methods.


Urban Landscape; Interaction; Landscape Design