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Research on Biodiversity Conservation Efficiency Based on Data Inclusion Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.042


Yin Yue

Corresponding Author

Yin Yue


Biodiversity Refers to the Total Diversity of Strains, Species and Ecosystems of Biological Genetic Genes in Different Environments on Earth the Progress of Human Society Poses a Serious Challenge to Biodiversity Environmental Damage and Predatory Overuse Are the Main Reasons for the Reduction of Species Resources Biodiversity is an Important Resource for Human Survival, Which Maintains the Health and Efficiency of the Ecosystem and Has Many Functions and Potential Values. Biodiversity is a Broad Concept to Describe the Degree of Natural Diversity, Which Refers to All the Organisms on the Earth and the Natural Complex Composed of These Organisms. the Relatively Limited Financial, Human and Material Resources Force Us to Evaluate the Biodiversity of Our Country Quickly and Effectively on a Large Scale, and Determine the Priority Areas for Protection, So as to Provide the Basis for the Effective Protection of the Biodiversity of Our Country. Based on the Data Including Analysis Methods, This Paper Discusses the Efficiency of Biodiversity Conservation.


Biodiversity; Ecosystem; Data; Efficiency