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Study on Durability of High-Rise Buildings under the Effection of Load and Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.041


Deng Hai, Xu Hongwei, Li Yong

Corresponding Author

Deng Hai


At Present, the Problem of the Phenomenon of the Outer Insulation Layer Falling Off of High-Rise Buildings Frequently Occurs, Causing Widespread Concern of Relevant Departments. among Them, the Safety of the Outer Insulation System of the High-Rise Building, as Well as the Impact of the Wind Load and the External Environment on the Insulation Board, is the Main Reason for the Current Insulation Board Falling Off. Based on This, This Paper First Analyzes the Safety of High-Rise Buildings, as Well as the Damage of External Thermal Insulation Layer by Wind Load, and Introduces the Bonding Mode of Concentrated Insulation Layer, in Order to Provide Theoretical Basis for Related Research.


Load; Environmental Role; High-Rise Building; Durability