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Research Progress in Virus Identification and Control of Phytoplasma Diseases in Infected Flower Plants

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.039


Wang Lianchun, Wan Qionglian, Luo Benfang

Corresponding Author

Wang Lianchun


Virus Disease of Flowers and Plants is a Kind of Serious Harm Caused by Virus. the Infection of Virus by Flower Plants Will Directly Affect the Ornamental and Economic Properties of Plants, Which is Not Conducive to the Healthy Development of Flower Industry. in This Background, Many Related Experts and Scholars Are Actively Studying the Virus Diseases of Flowers and Plants, and Constantly Enrich and Improve the Research Literature of Virus Identification Technology and Control Measures. in Order to Provide Some Inspiration for the Virus Research of Flower Plants, This Paper Systematically Combs and Summarizes the Current Domestic Literature on the Direction of Virus Identification and the Prevention and Control of Phytoplasma Diseases, and Explores the Corresponding Research Progress.


Flower Plants; Virus Identification; Phytoplasma; Disease Control; Research Progress