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Analysis on the Methods of Building Construction Standard of Hvac Specialty

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.038


Cai Zhimin

Corresponding Author

Cai Zhimin


under the New Situation, Chinese Residents Have New Requirements for Housing Conditions, Especially for Hvac Housing. Hvac is a New Energy-Type Air Conditioner That Combines Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Air Conditioning. It Directly Affects the Living Standards of Chinese Residents under Energy-Saving Environmental Conditions and Has Important Value for China's Energy-Saving and Environmentally-Friendly Housing Heating. However, the Living Environment in the North and South of China is Quite Different. under Cold Weather Conditions, the Hvac System is Difficult to Be Accepted by the Northerners. Therefore, This Paper Studies the Relationship between Hvac and Housing Construction Engineering Standards through Comparative Investigation, and Analyzes the Problems in the Practical Application of Hvac Systems. the Text Gives the Methods in the Aspects of Heating Inlet Setting, Technician Training and Exhaust System Upgrade. on This Basis, Some Suggestions Have Been Given to the Application of New Energy Heating Equipment in Energy-Saving Society.


Housing Construction; New Energy Type; Hvac; Engineering Construction Standards