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Mix Proportion Experiment and Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.036


Zeng Xiaoyun, Wang Yushan, Li Guangzhou, Jiang Xuecan

Corresponding Author

Zeng Xiaoyun


as an Important Structural Material in Modern Engineering, Concrete Plays an Important Role in Related Fields. However, the Concrete Has the Shortcomings of Brittleness, Low Compressive Strength, and Serious Problems Such as Water Leakage and Cracking in the Use Process, Which Not Only Affects the Durability and Service Life of Concrete, But Also Increases the Later Maintenance Cost. in This Regard, This Paper Summarizes the Current Situation of Concrete Research, and Finds That There Are Many Researches on Steel Fiber Mixed with Concrete. Although It Will Improve the Durability to a Certain Extent, It Can Not Guarantee to Extend the Service Life of Concrete and Improve the Frost Resistance and Permeability Resistance. Based on This, through the Mix Proportion Test of Steel Fiber and Polypropylene Fiber, Further Analysis of Steel Fiber and Polypropylene Fiber Hybrid for Improving the Frost Resistance, Impermeability and Mechanical Properties, in Order to Fill the Academic Research Gap.


Hybrid Fiber; Concrete; Frost Resistance and Impermeability; Mix Proportion; Mechanical Properties