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Mechanical Properties and Dry-Wet Cycle Effects of Strongly Weathered Mudstone

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.034


Zhao Shouyong

Corresponding Author

Zhao Shouyong


Mudstone is Mainly Formed by Extrusion, Dehydration, Cementation and Other Epigenetic Effects, and It is Rich in Clay Minerals. as a Kind of Strong Weathered Rock, Weathered Mudstone is Mostly Hard, It is Easy to Dissolve When It Meets Water, and It Has Certain Expansion and Contraction. the Strong Weathered Mudstone Will Have Corresponding Changes in Physical Properties under the Effect of Dry and Wet Circulation. Based on This, This Paper Firstly Summarizes the Related Theories of Physical Properties and Dry-Wet Cycles of Strongly Weathered Mudstones. the Effects of Dry-Wet Cycles on the Physical Properties of Strongly Weathered Mudstones Are Determined by Direct Shear Experiments and Cbr Experiments. the Experimental Results Show That the Shear Strength of the Strongly Weathered Mudstone Decreases Gradually and the Cbr Strength Decreases Continuously with the Increase of the Number of Cycles of the Wet and Dry Cycle Effect.


Strongly Weathered Mudstone; Physical and Mechanical Properties; Dry-Wet Cycle Effect; Shear Strength