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Research on the Performances of Post Grouting Bored Cast-in-Situs Piles Based on the Self-Balanced Method

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.027


Jianxu Long, Zhuan Wang, Yi Wang

Corresponding Author

Jianxu Long


Post-Grouting Technology Can Increase the Bearing Capacity and Reduce the Settlement of Bored Cast-in-Place Piles. However, the Effect of Post-Grouting Technology on the Improvement of Piles Varies under Different Site Conditions. Therefore, in Order to Improve the Bearing Performances of Piles through the Post-Grouting Technology, the Static Load Test Should Be Carried out; Improvement Suggestions Should Be Put Forward. as a Method of Static Load Test, the Self-Balanced Method Has the Advantages of Saving the Time of Construction Compared with the Traditional Pile-Loading Method; the Test Piles Can Be Used as Engineering Piles after Grouting for the Test. in This Paper, through the Self-Balanced Test of the Post-Grouting Method, It is Concluded That Post-Grouting Has Obvious Effects on Improving the Ultimate Compression Bearing Capacity and Reducing the Settlement Volume.


Post-Grouting; Self-Balanced; Ultimate Compression Bearing Capacity; Settlement Volume