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The Application Research of Prestressing Technology in Road and Bridge Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.026


Shufang Li, Jian Zhang, Bolin Jiang

Corresponding Author

Shufang Li


Pre-Stress Mainly Refers to the Fact That a Certain Load Will Be Applied Before the Construction Member. Before Receiving Such a Load, a Force in the Opposite Direction of the Load Must Be Applied to Eliminate the Load. Because This Force Can Eliminate the Load and Improve the Component Durability and Its Crack Resistance, Increase the Strength of the Component and Its Stiffness. after Applying Prestress, It Can Be Seen That It Will Significantly Improve the Elasticity of the Component and Reduce Its Deformation Problems. Because There Will Be Some Key Load-Bearing Positions during Bridge Construction, Prestressing Must Be Applied, Which Can Not Only Reduce the Weight of the Bridge Itself, But Also Save Economic Costs and Reduce the Weight of Steel and Concrete. in Addition, Because Bridges Are Affected by External Factors, Problems Such as Cracking and Water Seepage Can Occur, and Prestressing Technology Can Play a Certain Preventive Role to Reduce the Occurrence of These Problems.


Prestressing; Prestressing Technology; Road Construction; Bridge Construction; Construction Application