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Influence of External Factor on Refrigerating Effect of the Air Conditioner

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.024


Lizhe Zhang

Corresponding Author

Lizhe Zhang


from Qualitative to Quantitative, the Correlation is Determined in the Paper between the Cooling Power of Vapor Compression Air-Conditioners for Household and Various Living Environmental Parameters, by Theoretical Derivation and Thermodynamic Model Simulation. on Account That Room Heat Mainly Comes from Solar Radiation, Factors Such as the Latitude of a Room, the Orientation of the Windows Facing, and Different Dates in Summer Greatly Impact the Cooling Efficiency of Air-Conditioners in the Room. Here, the Influences on the Air Conditioning Refrigeration That Were Imposed by the Daily Variation and Annual Variation of Solar Radiation Received by a Room as Well as the Thermodynamic Parameters of a Room (Such as Specific Heat and Total Thermal Resistance) Were Analyzed in a Systematical Way. Moreover, We Found Window Glass Remarkably Impairing Solar Radiation When in Analysis Using a Multi-Beam Interference Model. on the Specific Influencing Modes and Degree of Various External Factors on the Air Conditioning Refrigeration Efficiency, the Qualitative and Quantitative Investigations Involved Will Benefit the Efficient Green Utility of Refrigeration Air-Conditioning.


Thermodynamic Optimization; Vapor Compression Air-Conditioner; Interference of Light; Solar Radiation