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Research on the Application of Culture Medium of High Quality Dendrobium Nobile and Organic Liquid Fertilizer

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.023


Chaoyan Lv

Corresponding Author

Chaoyan Lv


the Cultivation Substrate of Dendrobium Nobile Prepared in Different Places is Also Different, Therefore, the Optimal Substrate Formula and Nutrient Solution for Cultivation of Dendrobium Nobile Also Need to Be Screened and Optimized According to the Climate in the Cultivation Area. under Natural Conditions, Dendrobium Nobile Mainly Carries out Vegetative Propagation through Natural Tillering and Sexual Propagation through Seed Formation. in Order to Realize High-Efficiency Facility Cultivation of Dendrobium Nobile, Four Different Cultivation Substrates Were Prepared in Greenhouse with Granite Crushed Stone, Purple Sandstone Crushed Stone, Pine Bark and Pine Sawdust, and Three Different Nutrient Solutions Including Clear Water, Inorganic Compound Liquid Fertilizer and Organic Liquid Fertilizer Were Set Up, and a Total of Eight Treatments Were Carried out for Cultivation Experiments to Study the Effects of Different Substrates and Nutrient Solutions on the Growth of Dendrobium Nobile.


Dendrobium Nobile; Culture Medium; Liquid Fertilizer