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Application of Molecular Biology Technology in Pathogenic Microorganism Testing

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.020


Mingming Shao

Corresponding Author

Mingming Shao


Pathogenic Microorganisms Are Very Small in Size and Various in Variety, and Will Undergo Rapid Variation. with the Development of the Current Society, People's Material Living Standards Are Continuously Improving and Antibacterial Drugs Are Not Used in a Standardized Way. Infectious Diseases in the Crowd, Drug Resistance of Common Pathogens, Food-Borne Infectious Diseases, and in Order to Do a Good Job in the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases, We Must Ensure That Pathogens Can Be Detected Quickly and Accurately. Modern Molecular Biology is a Vast and Profound Discipline, Which is Developing Vigorously. with the Continuous Development of Molecular Biology Techniques, Various Pcr Methods Such as Multiplex Pcr, Labeled Pcr and Asymmetric Pcr Have Been Applied to the Detection of Pathogenic Microorganisms. Their Application Gives Pcr Technology a Higher Sensitivity and Shorter Cycle Times. At This Stage, Our Task is to Strengthen Learning, Pay Attention to New Trends, and Be Prepared in Theory. We Believe That with the Deepening of Research, Molecular Biotechnology Will Certainly Play a More Important Role in the Detection of Pathogenic Microorganisms.


Pathogenic Microorganisms; Detection Technology; Molecular Biology