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Cell Membrane and Dna Damage of Cu2+ to Soil Ciliates Colpoda Inflata

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.019


Tao Zou, Qiaoyun Huang, Jin Zheng, Hongqing Hu, Yuhua Jin, Xian Liu

Corresponding Author

Xian Liu


Copper is an Essential Trace Element for the Life Activities of Protozoa But Becomes Toxic At Higher Concentration. the Effects of Cu2+ on Cell Membrane and Dna of Colpoda Inflata Were Investigated by Means of Ultraviolet Spectrophotometry and Comet Assay. the Results Showed That the Cell Membrane Integrity of Colpoda Inflata Was Disrupted by Cu2+Comparing with the Control Group. That Would Increase the Permeability of Cell Membranes and Release Intracellular Substances. in Addition, Cu2+ Damaged Nuclear Dna of Colpoda Inflata. and the Cu2+ Concentration Was Higher, Which the Comet Tail Was Longer and the Tailing Rate Was Higher.


Colpoda Inflata; Copper Ion; Cell Membrane Integrity; Comet Assay; Dna Damage