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Renewable Energy: Alternative Energy Source to Mitigate Climate Change in a Sustainable and Cost-Efficient Way

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.018


Yangxiameng Lu

Corresponding Author

Yangxiameng Lu


An increasing growth in extreme weather and natural disasters has led to more concerns on climate crisis than ever. One possible solution to tackle the climate crisis and curb environmental harm brought by existing energy sources is to explore the possibilities of future energy. Renewable energy, which plays an essential role in global future energy sources, has received considerable attention in recent years. However, opponents promote nuclear power as an alternative to be environmentally safe and affordable future energy. Despite the fact that switching from fossil fuels to nuclear energy system is likely to reduce GHG emissions to achieve climate mitigation and meet electricity demand, there is convincing evidence that renewable-dominated energy stystem has a more significant impact on future environmental-friendly and cost-effective energy supply.


Alternative energy source; Renewable energy; Nuclear energy; Climate change; Energy security