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Research Progress on Anaerobic Scale Inhibitors for Municipal Solid Waste Leachate

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.017


Jianwen Duo, Jin Wang

Corresponding Author

Jianwen Duo


During the treatment of leachate from the municipal solid waste incineration plant, the anaerobic treatment process is required due to the high COD content of the leachate in the incineration plant. Due to the high content of calcium and magnesium ions in the leachate, the primary crystal nucleus can be formed and attached to the surface of equipment, pipelines and activated sludge. This paper first analyzes the research on the treatment process of domestic landfill leachate. Secondly, the scale inhibition mechanism of the current scale inhibitors commonly used in circulating cooling water is introduced in detail, including lattice distortion, complexation solubilization, aggregation and dispersion, regeneration-self-release membrane hypothesis, and electric double layer mechanism. Finally, this paper analyzes the research progress of new scale inhibitors, including copolymer-based scale inhibitors with good comprehensive performance and environmentally friendly scale inhibitors. Through the analysis of the research progress of the anaerobic scale inhibitor of domestic waste leachate, it can provide technical support for the development of leachate anaerobic scale inhibitor.


Scale inhibitor; Leachate; Scale inhibition mechanism; New scale inhibitor