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Application of Nanotechnology in New Energy Batteries

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.016


Qinghua Lin, Wenzhou Chen, Yixin Lin, Zhizhang Liu, Nian He, Hongmei Li, Haili Fang, Qiaobin Chen, Jing Huang

Corresponding Author

Jing Huang


With the progress of human science and technology and the development of society, more and more high and new technologies have been studied and developed, what’s more, the research in the field of new energy is also deepening. In recent years, from environmental protection and energy saving, the development and application of new energy batteries are very rapid, and more and more new materials and technologies are used in the manufacture of new energy batteries. As one of the innovative technologies with remarkable application advantages, nanotechnology has been applied more and more widely and diversified in new energy batteries. Based on the current domestic and international research on the application of nanotechnology in new energy batteries, this paper mainly analyses the application of nanotechnology and nanostructured materials in solar new energy batteries, aiming to provide more inspiration for the development of new energy battery industry and the innovative application of nanotechnology in China.


Nanotechnology; Nano-materials; New energy batteries