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Analysis of Sedimentary Development and Distribution Characteristics of Raoyang Sag Based on Sedimentary Organic Facies

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.014


Shichao Wang, Suhua Zhang and Ping Li

Corresponding Author

Suhua Zhang


Raoyang Sag is the most important oil and gas sag in Jizhong depression. Combining sedimentary facies with Source rock soluble organic matter molecular markers and some oil and gas geochemical parameters, the types of sedimentary organic facies are divided, and the single well sedimentary organic facies and planar sedimentary organic facies are characterized, revealing the spatial distribution characteristics of sedimentary organic facies. Experimental results show that the Lower Es3 Subsection, Upper Es3 Subsection and Es1 Subsection 3 Source Rock are developed vertically. The sedimentary organic phase in the Source rock section of the main mantle area is dominated by B and C phases, and the A-B phase is occasionally seen. The development of the source rock of the Paleogene is controlled by the sedimentary facies and sequence. The Source rock develops in the shallow lake-semi-deep lake sedimentary environment. The Lower Es3 Subsection and Upper Es3 Subsection quality Source rock are both in the lake intrusion system and in the high-level system domain. Es1 Subsection quality Source rock is mainly developed in the lake invasion system, medium source rock is concentrated in the high system domain.


Organic phase; Analysis of distribution characteristics; Chemical Parameters