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A Brief Analysis of the Local Landscape “Text” from the Linguistic Viewshed--Taking Lutian Village of Jinhua City as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.013


Chai hongju, Shi juntian, Zheng chaoliwei

Corresponding Author

Shi juntian


This paper presents the state of production, survival and life of rural users in the rural landscape “Text”. Meantime, it illustrates the local landscape “Text” via linguistic context, vocabulary, syntax and semantics of logic deduction under the viewshed of linguistics, besides, the “Writing” purpose and logic is relying on the most reliable physical reality demand for the country and the most pure pristine spiritual needs, this is inseparable with time and space transformation, so that the rural construction process and construction activities in the implementation of humanity care would lead to a new glowing vitality vernacular landscapes.


Localization; Local landscape; Linguistics